Luka Fisher : Mind Drone Business



There's nothing like the sound of eerie guitars, melodic synths, and lurking in sounds of trying to log online from the 90's...reminding us of the AOL days.  Coming from a music background, I live for this EP.  Some might call it noise, but I call it art.  Luka Fisher drops his second EP "Mind Drone Business" with Silber Records and it's a must listen.  

The album features contributions from other artists and musicians that Luka greatly admires: Justin Burke, Dovelie Lovelie, Daniel Leland Crook, Emily Babette, and Jordan Mekano who also mastered the album.  

Los Angeles based Artist, photographer, musician, writer, manager, creative producer, Russian translator and fashion guru...there is nothing Luka can't do.  Luka is known for his mixed media art and artist collaborations.  He spends most of his time at his studio DTLA creating everyday.  I met Luka about two years ago through a good friend of ours David Tamargo (Alligator Jesus).  I was instantly drawn to Luka.  His energy spoke life and freedom to me.  I call him the new age Andy Warhol.  The art he creates blows me away.  The level his mind is at most people can't even understand or comprehend, but he is way ahead of his time just like Warhol was.  Not only that but Luka pushes the boundaries within sexuality, art, fashion, music, life, and expression of self.  "I am just exposing the limits of free thought and self expression that is inherent in our culture.  My goal is to help create a world where people feel freer to be themselves and have the ability to pursue their visions."

- Stereo Diamonds