"It's about the shine and grind." -Parm Brar

Parm is a Cali raised girl. Growing up from beaches to farms she knew LA was the place for her. Although she is westernized, she was obsessed with her Indian culture. The fashion, the traditions, the dancing, the colors, the meditation etc. She didn't want to forget where she came fromand wanted to make sure she incorporated something from her culture to her American lifestyle. One thing she has always managed to wear no matter what day was her jewelry. After realizing that farming wasn't fulfilling her heart completely she wanted to take the risk and dive into the world of jewels! And so Bollywood Chic was born. It has been almost a year born and she is just getting started with her image and what she wants to represent.

Bollywood Chic Boutique is an online accessories store that features fun, fashionable jewelry where Hollywood meets Bollywood.This contemporary collection is made for young ambitious women of all ethnicities. Bollywood Chic wants to provide accessories that represent quality, beauty, and affordability that is socially fashion forward. Bollywood Chic Boutique equation for success is quality product that's fashion forward, both accessible and affordable.

The mission of Bollywood Chic is to have every woman look great so they can feel great. Bollywood Chic believes in pursuing your dreams with confidence, ambition, and be a glamorous star doing it!

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